Our internationally protected breeding kennel has been registered with the FCI after we decided to devote ourselves to

breeding dogs and in particular the Chinese Crested breed.

 Our breeding kennel came about on the basis of our love and interest for dogs. We’ve dedicated ourselves to them since we were young and because of that, four years ago, I decided to get my own hairless dog, a bitch named Koky. It was love at first sight and she soon became the darling of the whole family. This very friendly dog loves children and sport as well as lazing about on the sofa. A year ago we got Koky a new friend to have fun with, another hairless dog, Dafinka. Koky grew livlier around the new puppy and they quickly became unseparable friends. In spring Dafinka took part in her first exhibition in České Budějovice. It was a big success and since then we’ve been to more and more exhibitions. I’ve found myself a new hobby which I enjoy immensely. Unfortunately Koky has a genetic defect and therefore she accompanies us to most exhibitions to support her little friend. Dafinka is already a champion and we look forward to further success from our star dog. We hope for a few additions to our family in the future and hope that they’ll delight us just as much as our two girls have done so far.